【Official】Hotel Japan Shiga

Located at 1,700m, a national park and Shiga Highlands UNESCO Eco Park certified"Hotel Japan Shiga"

Good location, 1 minute walk from the slopes.
Shiga Highlands where you can enjoy Japan's largest slope
Enjoy various seasonal highland activities such as winter sports, mountain climbing, edible wild plants, BBQ, and mountain biking.
With a 455 square meter hall, you can use it for music training camps, dances, school trips, etc. with confidence.

During the green season, we offer popular gourmet burgers, Shinshu Beef and Gomoku chicken soboro bento, and Shinshu Beef shigureni bento.

NEW OPEN in Shiga Highlands! trailer house rental

  • In July 2023, two trailer houses will open next to the slopes!

    A trailer house will open on the premises of Hotel Japan Shiga in July 2023!
    Hotel Japan Shiga is the only trailer house in Shiga Highlands.
    Moreover, it is a 0-second walk next to the slopes.

    In summer, enjoy the 360° panoramic view of the starry sky at Shiga Shiga Highlands, where the sun never shines.
    In winter, the slopes are right at your doorstep.You can take a break whenever you like, and it is very easy to use!
    Please feel free to use it all year round as if you were in a rental villa.


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Hotel Name

Hotel Japan Shiga


Ichinose, Shiga Kogen, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai County, Nagano Prefecture

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Joshin-Etsu Nagano IC - Shiga-Nakano Toll Road -Shiga Kogen Ichinose
A resort hotel that is a 0-minute walk to the ski resort
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In this facility / facility

  • European-style classical lobby

    You can spend a relaxing time while listening to the sound of JBL
    Please enjoy the collection exhibition of music dolls collected from all over the world.

    We are exhibiting the collection of pin batches at the time of the Nagano Winter Olympics
    It is a collection that reminds me of the excitement of those days.
  • BBQ Space -Torna Montagna-

    Green season only◆BBQ space in the backyard of the hotel. 
    We have various plan to enjoy outdoor cooking.
    ・BBQ Plan
    ・BBQ plan for Shinshu Beef raised with apples
    ・Mess tin cooked rice    ・Making curry lath   ・Making paella
    ・Making Dutch bread  ・Bonfire etc.
    It is also available for family, friends and groups.
    We have accommodation and day trip plan. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Mountain bike rental

    Green season only
    Shinetsu Shizenkyo registered store for cycling stations in Shinetsushizengo.
    Rental cycling and mountain cycling tours can also be arranged.
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Education / group travel

Efforts to protect the environment and prevent various infectious diseases

  • Efforts of this facility

    (1) Guest rooms and public spaces are disinfected with alcohol and mechanical ozone sterilization during cleaning.

    ② We have installed alcohol disinfectants in various places in this facility.

    ③ Room cleaning during consecutive stays
    As part of our efforts to protect the environment, our hotel staff will not enter your guest room during your stay, except in the event of an emergency.
    *Please contact the front desk if you would like to change the bedding sheets.
    *Please put out used towels, yukata, and garbage in the hallway by 10:00 in the morning.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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