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Things to do

  • On-site / on-site

    • JBL music appreciation

      JBL 4345 released in the 1980s, monopolize the bass and vivid mid-high range.
      You can enjoy classic masterpieces on CDs, vinyl records, and laser discs.

      Location:2nd floor lobby
      Time:7:30 to 21:00*Please consider the volume early in the morning and late at night.
      Fare:Free(In case of dirt damage,Please be sure to offer)
      Reception:2nd floor front desk(Extension Number 200)
    • Library

      Located in a corner of the lobby.Shiga Highlands, books on animals and plants, music-related books, and beautiful photo books are lined up.
      Please spend a relaxing time while reading.
    • Plateau table tennis corner

      Location:2F Orchestra Hall
      (*Not available when using for training camps, events, etc.)
      Fare:free.However, if the ball breaks, 110 yen (tax included) will be charged for each ball.
      Reception:At the front desk
      Open Hours:16:30 to 21:00*We accept it in 30 minutes per group.
    • Various nature craft experiences

      Available at the front desk.
      We will give you a nature craft kit, so please enjoy it in the lobby, room, etc.

      Time:10:00 to 20:00
      Content:Making a stump brooch/Stump coaster/Making a forest animal music corps/Making a pine cone tree/Original nature photo frame/Bookmark of grass leaves(Summer only)
      Fare:From 550 yen to 2,200 yen(Tax included)
      Reception:2nd floor front desk
    • Shogi/Go/Playing cards/Rental of board games, etc.

      Chess, playing cards, shogi, UNO, go, puzzles
      Monopoly, mahjong, etc. are available.

      Location:2nd floor lobby / room
      Time:15:00 to 21:00
      Fare:Free / Mahjong only 500 yen a day *Please be sure to inform us in case of dirt damage
      Reception:2nd floor front desk
    • Billiards

      Billiards at the annex Altopiano
      There are also instructions for nine-ball, rotation, etc.Even inexperienced people can experience it without worrying about the eyes.If you have a request for a lecture such as how to hit, please contact us.
      Location:Hotel Japan Shiga Annex Altopiano
      Time:Summer only 15:00 to 20:00  *Please contact us in winter.  
      Fare:1000 yen/1 hour
      Reception:2nd floor front desk(Extension Number 200)
      Other:Please be sure to inform us in case of dirt damage.
    • Forest bathing at an altitude of 1700m(Hammock, etc.)

      Reading and taking a relaxing nap while bathing in the forest while swaying in a hammock on the slopes ... Each person has their own way of enjoying it.If the weather is nice at night, you can observe the starry sky.

      Location:Annex Altopiano
      Time:From 7:00 to 17:00(Summer only)
      Fare:free*Please be sure to inform us in case of dirt damage
      Reception:2nd floor front desk
  • Winter season

    • Shiga Highlands consisting of 18 ski resorts and 71 course

      Shiga Highlands is the largest resort area in Asia where you can enjoy 18 ski resorts.
      If you want to feel powder snow, Shiga Highlands!
      Of course, you can also ski from ski resort to ski resort.If you're tired, a convenient free shuttle is available.
  • Green season

    • Mountain cycling tour

      Mountain cycling tour guided by hotel staff. (For a charge)
      From Mt Higashitateyama an altitude of 2,000m put a mountain bike to the gondola
      We offer course with outstanding exhilaration down the slopes!
      *course may change depending on the situation.

      There are rental mountain bikes!
      1 hour free.After that, it costs 550 yen for each car per hour.
    • 6 mountaineering course

      Shiga Highlands course with different views and scenery.
      200 famous mountains of Iwasugeyama, 300 famous mountains of Mt Kasadake, please enjoy the mountains to represent the Shiga Highlands, such as Mt Yokote

      ① Shiga mountain climbing course (full length::12.6 km/Time::5 hours 30 minutes)
      ② Mt Yakebitai mountain climbing course (full length::7km/Time::2 hours 10 minutes)
      ③ Iwasuga mountain climbing course (full length::18.5 km/Time::7 hours 30 minutes)
      ④ Mt Kasadake mountain climbing course (full length::7km/Time::4 hours)
      ⑤ Hachiyama / Mt Yokote mountain climbing course (full length::6.5km/Time::3 hours)
      ⑥ Mt. Akaishi mountain climbing course (full length::11.5km/Time::5 hours 30 minutes)

    • 6 exploration trail trekking course

      You can experience "knowing," "protecting," and "utilizing" nature in an environment where nature and humans coexist.
      Guides can be arranged for various course

      ① Seseragi course (full length::1.8km/Time::55 minutes)
      ② Pond tour course (full length::9.6 km/Time::3 hours 30 minutes)
      ③ Shimizu Shindo course (full length::1.1km/Time::35 minutes)
      ④ Nature exploration course (full length::4.1km/Time::2 hours)
      ⑤Magatama Hill course (full length::2.8 km/Time::2 hours)
      ⑥ 33 Kannon course (full length::5.6 km/Time::Down 2 hours 30 minutes Up 3 hours 30 minutes)
    • Sunset / sunrise spot【Instagram spot】

      Shiga Highlands that are still unknown to the world.One of them is the sunset spot in the Ichinose Panorama Parking LotNorthern Alps addition to the large panorama overlooking the Northern Alps and Hokushin Five Mountains, it is a luxurious spot where you can worship until the sunset.
      The sea of clouds may spread.I am looking forward to seeing what kind of scenery I can meet on that day.
    • Wild plants and Sasa kurilensis harvest experience【Limited to June】

      Every June, a treasure trove of wild plants.
      Shiga Highlands is a popular Sasa kurilensis that can be harvested by squeezing bamboo grass.Once you're obsessed with its charm, it tingles every year.
      In addition, you can also harvest bracken and butterbur.The wild plants at an altitude of 1700m are exceptional.
      When harvesting, please stay overnight and purchase a mountain ticket.
    • SUP experience in Hasuike

    • Genji firefly appreciation【7. August only】

      Shiga Highlands Ishinoyu, have the highest outbreak period in Japan and the highest altitude in Japan.
    • Shiga Highlands Tanohara Marsh

      Shiga Highlands certified as a UNESCO Eco Park.
      You can experience nature on course according to the level from beginner to advanced.
      From activities such as mountain climbing and trekking to relaxing refreshment such as forest bathing and starry sky viewing!
      Please enjoy the nature of Shiga Highlands
    • Yokoteyama Drive-In"Nozoki』\

      Altitude 2,305m.
      It is a view spot☆
    • Okushiga Valley Ozen Waterfall

    • Walk around the autumn leaves

      Autumn leaves of Shiga Highlands, we will start the autumn leaves of Ichinuma Pond with a focus on red from around late September to the beginning.After that, the colors gradually change from the high altitude areas, and you can enjoy it until the end of October.There are many ponds in the vast and magnificent Shiga Highlands, so you can enjoy the autumn leaves while strolling around the ponds.You can also enjoy the autumn colors of Shiga Highlands while climbing Akiyama and driving.
      There are 10 people and 10 colors to enjoy.If time permits, enjoy all the views.
  • Sightseeing around

    • Snow Monkey Park Jigokudani Yaen-Koen