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Shinshu ingredients and seasonal ingredients is popular.

Including the bracken of the main dining, Shinshu, a full-scale Neapolitan pizza (certified by the Neapolitan Pizza Association)
Enjoy a gourmet burger that also uses Japanese beef, and a restaurant with a taste of authentic ethnic cuisine prepared by a Nepalese chef.
  • Main dining bracken

    The bright and clean interior is based on brown.
    Enjoy the popular and colorful plateau buffet, which is a staple of the winter season.
    The theme of the meal is "health and fullness".
    I want you to think about your health and be satisfied with eating a lot of safe and delicious foods!
    A wide variety of dishes are lined up with a good balance of local ingredients.

    During the green season, the chef's Western course is popular.
    We have devised a menu so that guests who stay consecutively can enjoy their meals.
    • Main Dining Restaurant Warabi

      Business hours
      Open only when there are guests
      This is the restaurant for our guests.
      A small number of customers may use the restaurant "Moyaitei".
  • Buy one Wagyu beef Yakiniku Otenma

    So that you can feel free to enjoy high-quality and delicious meat
    We will buy one locally produced Shinshu Beef and offer various parts assorted.
    The meat is tender and juicy with a smokeless roaster that has a far-infrared effect.
    For dinner, enjoy authentic yakiniku.
    Shinshu Beef shigureni bento" and "Shinshu Beef and chicken Gomoku chicken soboro bento" as take-out bento.
    • Buy one Wagyu beef Yakiniku Otenma

      0269-34-2801 / japansg.info@gmail.com
      Business hours
      Lunch:11:00 to 15:00(LO 14:30)*Winter only
      Dinner:18:00 to 21:00(LO 20:30)*Winter only
      Irregular holidays

    Directly connected to the Ichinose Family Ski AreaIt is a super-sized gourmet burger & pizza restaurant "Altopiano".
     The 100% seamless beef gourmet burger with apple-grown Shinshu Beef is a regular size, 12 cm high and super size.In addition, we also offer authentic Neapolitan pizza certified by the Neapolitan Pizza Association, such as the classic Margherita and Marinara, and four types of cheese pizza.
     At night, a sports bar and dining where you can enjoy billiards and darts while enjoying music.
    The large wooden deck serves draft beer to soothe your throat after skiing or snowboarding.
  • Ethnic restaurant Kamoshika

    Ethnic Restaurant Kamoshika" in Ichinose, Shiga Kogen, which has almost the same altitude as Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.
    Enjoy authentic ethnic cuisine prepared by a Nepalese chef.
    The most popular curry is the deliciousness of the ingredients and the homemade roux made with carefully selected spices.
    All of them are authentic flavors that make you want to eat them right away.
    • Ethnic restaurant Kamoshika

      0269-34-2801 / japansg.info@gmail.com
      Business hours
      Lunch:11:00 to 15:00(LO 14:30)
      Dinner:From 17:30 to 22:30(LO 22:00)*Winter only
      Irregular holidays
  • Outdoor BBQ Venue -Torna Montagna-

    In the green season, the outdoor BBQ venue "Torna-Montagna" in the backyard of the hotel is open!

    Outdoor BBQ is the place where you can stretch your wings without worrying about your surroundings on holidays.
    It is surrounded by a wide and wide nature so that even if you laugh a lot and talk with each other, it will not bother others.
    Feel the refreshing breeze during the day and watch the starry sky at night while spending a blissful time with your precious family and friends.
    • Torna-Montagna ~ Torna Montagna ~

      0269-34-2801(Reception hours from 10:00 to 18:00)
      Business hours
      ■Details of the day trip BBQ plan
      ・Reservation reception:From 10:00 to 18:00
      ・Reservation deadline:Up to 1 day ago
      ・Staying time:From 11:00 to 20:00(About 2 to 3 hours of that)
      ・ Period:July to October
      ■Customers who wish to pick up and drop off on a day trip BBQ plan
      Pick-up area:Nagano Prefecture(Yamanouchi Town, Nakano City, Obuse Town, Iiyama City, Suzaka City, Nagano City)
      Transfer fee  :Free
      Amount of money that can be picked up :Yamanouchi / Nakano City costs 10,000 yen or more.Other areas are over 20,000 yen.
      Payment Method   :Cash or credit card payment