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Education / group travel

Ski & Snowboard Training / Educational Trip

Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park・ Skiing, snowboarding, and playing with high-quality powder snow at an altitude of 1700m.

  • ●We provide an environment where you can spend your time with peace of mind.●
    We will set course according to the level in the Shiga Highlands, which boasts one of the best snow quality in Japan.
    From students who are new to snowy mountains to students who have a lot of experience in skiing, you can safely enjoy the fun of skiing and snowboarding, and while learning how to interact with nature, you can develop a sense of companionship, compassion, and concentration.Experienced staff will support you so that you can spend your time with peace of mind.

    ●Lesson content●
    1) Ski / snowboard lessons
    2) Tour lesson(Shiga Highlands, we will propose a course where you can take a lift to another slope and enjoy the view naturally.)
    3) Night skiing (fantastic night skiing, you can ski while being watched by the clear starry sky at an altitude of 1700m.You can enjoy extraordinary life)
    4) Other

Forest school / experiential learning / inquiry learning / SDGS experience

Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park / UNESCO Eco Park We propose nature learning to learn and experience.

  • Shiga Highlands is certified as Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park and UNESCO Eco Park.
    We live by thinking about coexistence between nature and humans.
    You can experience the lifestyle with the motto of "knowing", "protecting", and "utilizing" nature as it is as an experience program, inquiry program, and SDGS experience while staying close to nature.

    The Shiga Highlands has progressed, and more than 50 years have passed, but since the time of development, we have been implementing the SDGS, which is an issue today.
    It's not difficult.It has been proved by us over 50 years.
    Why don't you take the first step?

■This is an example of a program of experiential learning, SDGS experiential learning, team building experiential learning, and corporate training.In addition, please feel free to contact us.

Overall recreation venueWe will provide a meeting place.Recreation is the best memory of a trip, showing off the specialties of each group.Stages with automatic opening and closing curtains, lighting, and mirror balls are also available.

Location:2F multipurpose hall
Facilities:projector 1 unit/ 1 screen /2 wireless microphones, etc.
Shiga Highlands UNESCO Park / Environmental Learning ProgramShiga Highlands, which is certified as Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park and UNESCO Eco Park Park, we have a program to learn about coexistence between nature and people.
1) Pre-learning lecture
2) Trekking course actually experience the natural environment while walking with a guide.
3) As post-learning, you will compile your own report, deepen your understanding, and improve your thinking ability.
6 exploration trail trekking courseYou can experience "knowing," "protecting," and "utilizing" nature in an environment where nature and humans coexist.
Guides can be arranged for various course

① Seseragi Course (full length::1.8km/Time::55 minutes)
② Pond tour course (full length::9.6 km/Time::3 hours 30 minutes)
③ Shimizu Shindo Course (full length::1.1km/Time::35 minutes)
④ Nature exploration course (full length::4.1km/Time::2 hours)
⑤ Magatama no Oka Course (full length::2.8 km/Time::2 hours)
⑥ 33 33 Kannon on the pass course (full length::5.6 km/Time::Down 2 hours 30 minutes Up 3 hours 30 minutes)
6 mountaineering courseShiga Highlands has 6 mountain climbing course with different views and scenery.
200 famous mountains of Iwasugeyama, 300 famous mountains of Mt Kasadake, please enjoy the mountains to represent the Shiga Highlands, such as Mt Yokote

① Mt Shiga Mountain Climbing Course (full length::12.6 km/Time::5 hours 30 minutes)
② Mt Yakebitai Mountain Climbing Course (full length::7km/Time::2 hours 10 minutes)
③ Iwasuge Mountain Climbing Course (full length::18.5 km/Time::7 hours 30 minutes)
④ Kasagatake Mountain Climbing Course (full length::7km/Time::4 hours)
⑤ Mt Hachi / Mt Yokote Mountain Climbing Course (full length::6.5km/Time::3 hours)
⑥ Mt Akaishi Mountain Climbing Course (full length::11.5km/Time::5 hours 30 minutes)
SDGS experience program to learn eco from eco-cooked riceBy experiencing various eco-activities through making curry rice using firewood and mess tin at an altitude of 1700 m, you will be able to create an opportunity to start familiar eco-activities.
We can always think about how we should spend every day in order for human beings to continue living on this earth.

Location:Mess tin cooking experience area on the premises of the hotel
Required:2-4 hours *Please contact us regarding the contents of the program.
Containment:Up to 360 people
Starry sky viewing experienceExperience watching the starry sky at an altitude of 1700m.If it's sunny, you can always appreciate the Milky Way.
What is the environment where you can see the stars? We also hold lectures to learn about the environment.
In addition, a class including space is also possible by the starry sky guide.

Location:Hotel grounds and surroundings
Required:1 to 2 hours
Campfire / bonfireUnder the starry sky at an altitude of 1700m, you can enjoy recreation with your friends while surrounding the burning flames in the darkness of the night.In recent years, it seems that the relaxing effect of bonfire has also been proven.

Location:1 minute walk from the back mountain of the hotel or 5 minutes walk from the hotel
     *The venue will be selected according to the number of participants.
Required:1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes *Equipment prepared by the hotel(For a charge)
Containment:Up to 400 people
Wild vegetable harvesting and Sasa kurilensis harvesting experience【SDGS experience】Shiga Highlands, which is certified as a UNESCO Eco Park, we live while thinking about the coexistence of nature and humans.

Every June, we carry out a food-themed SDGS experience program that can only be done during the edible wild plants harvesting season.
You will learn to "know", "protect", and "utilize" nature.

Apple picking and grape pickingShiga Highlands is a famous apple and grape producing area.
The taste of eating on the spot is a bit different.
Location:Nakano / Obuse
Required:1 hour drive to the orchard / 1 hour in the garden
Nature craft experienceUtilizing pine cones, stumps, acorns and other vegetation as a nature craft kit,
You will have an experience that creates new value.

Content:Making a stump brooch/Stump coaster/Making a forest animal music corps/Making a pine cone tree/Original nature photo frame/Bookmark of grass leaves(Summer only)
Required:1 to 2 hours
Soba making experienceLocal soba noodle masters will teach you how to make traditional soba noodles.
The fragrant, chewy and crispy texture is unique to freshly struck.
Required:3 hours
Jam makingWe will teach you how to make jam using fruits from Shinshu
After bottling, you can put the original label on it and it will be a perfect souvenir.
Required:2 hours
Making naanA Nepalese cook will teach you how to make authentic naan from the stage of kneading the powder.
You will eat it with curry baked in a stone pot called tandoor.
Location:Restaurant Kamoshika
Required:2 hours

Music camp / dance camp

Music / dance camp in the best environment

  • ●The best environment for music and dance camps●
    ●You can play the tone in the clear air at an altitude of 1700 m and in a quiet environment.●

    (1) The Orchestra Hall has a ceiling height of 5 m and a multipurpose hall with a feeling of openness. The size of the multipurpose hall is about 455 square meters and the stage is 16 tsubo.
     The floor is made of cherry blossoms with an emphasis on sound, and is often used for orchestras, brass band clubs, and dance camps.
    (2) The Ensemble Hall also made with an emphasis on muffled sound, and is approximately 182 square meters in size.
    ③ Other 6 separate rooms
    ④ 80 music stands, 500 chairs, timpani, etc. are also available.
    ⑤ A 10-ton truck can also be parked Orchestra Hall on the 2nd floor, making it easy to unload.

■Orchestra Hall(Multipurpose hall)

Capacity500 people(455 square meters)
floor100 tsubo (455 sqm) Underfloor rubberized, full-scale cherry wood finish
stage16 tsubo (58 sqm) 1 grand piano with automatic opening and closing curtain
UsageMusic camp/Dance camp/dance party/seminar/karaoke/Various parties/Various seminars/ Recreation etc.
Equipment / equipmentMusic equipment(Microphone/CD / MD / cassette/speaker/Mirror ball/Grand piano)
acousticCD / MD / Cassette / iPhone Easy to operate.
illumination1 mirror ball/4 spotlights
SoundproofDouble glazing/Double blackout curtain
SuppliesLife-size mirror/500 chairs/2 whiteboards

Orchestra Hall, Ensemble Hall, and various division rooms

1FEnsemble Hall:100 people(146 square meters)
Division room F:80 people(109 square meters)
2FOrchestra Hall:500 people(455 square meters)
3FDivision room A:40 people(55 square meters)
Division room B:40 people(58 square meters)
Division room C:60 people(98 square meters)
Division room D:30 people(33 square meters)
Division room E:30 people(33 square meters)