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List of facilities in this facility

JBL lobby while listening to the JBL sound, enjoy board games in your room,
Please spend time actively according to the style such as plateau table tennis.
  • European-style classical lobby

    You can spend a relaxing time while listening to the sound of JBL
    Please enjoy the collection exhibition of music dolls collected from all over the world.

    We are exhibiting the collection of pin batches at the time of the Nagano Winter Olympics
    It is a collection that reminds me of the excitement of those days.
  • BBQ Space -Torna Montagna-

    Green season only◆BBQ space in the backyard of the hotel. 
    We have various plan to enjoy outdoor cooking.
    ・BBQ Plan
    ・BBQ plan for Shinshu Beef raised with apples
    ・Mess tin cooked rice    ・Making curry lath   ・Making paella
    ・Making Dutch bread  ・Bonfire etc.
    It is also available for family, friends and groups.
    We have accommodation and day trip plan. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Mountain bike rental

    Green season only
    Shinetsu Shizenkyo registered store for cycling stations in Shinetsushizengo.
    Rental cycling and mountain cycling tours can also be arranged.
  • Worcation room

  • Multipurpose hall(alias:Orchestra Hall)

    For music and dance camps, use our hotel, which has a reputation for sound and cherry wood floors.

    The size of the hall is 120 tsubo, the stage is 16 tsubo, and the ceiling height is 5 m, which can accommodate 500 people.
    It is a multi-purpose hall with a feeling of openness.
    The floor is made of cherry blossoms, and from dance fans
    It is well-received as "easy to dance, easy on the feet, and excellent sound!"
    It is also a music hall with an emphasis on sound.
    Many orchestra and brass band training camps are also used.
  • In-hotel shop

    We have a large number of products.
    Shinshu memories of your trip to Shinshu!

    【Products handled】
    Shinshu specialty/Ski & snowboard goods/Snacks/Appetizers/
    Gelato ice cream(cup)/Okomin goods/Imported miscellaneous goods/Folk crafts, etc.

    Opening Hours

    7:30 to 21:00


  • Rental ski shop:Tanabe Sports

    Business day :From early December to May Golden Week
    *Hotel Japan Shiga guests have discounts.

    Opening Hours

    From 8:00 to 16:30


    Next to the front entrance on the 1st floor of this facility
  • Large Communal Bath

    A natural bath with natural water from Shiga Highlands
    Rich in minerals, it warms from the core of the body and makes the skin smooth.

    Open Hours

    【Winter season】From 14:00 to 9:00 the next day
    *Subject to change depending on the number of guests.
    *[Cleaning time]From 9:00 to 14:00
    【Summer Season】15:00 to 24:00/6:00 to 9:00
  • Ensemble Hall

    A medium hall that can be used not only for music performances but also for meetings, lectures, training camps, seminars, etc.

    The reverberation effect of the sound is constant for 0.8 seconds with a standing wave (sound muffled).
    Ideal for 20 people / 100 people / small orchestra / chamber music / chorus / mini concert.

    Capacity:100 people(146 square meters)
    Equipment / equipment:Grand piano
    Usage:Music camp/dance party/seminar
  • Mess tin cooking space

  • Smoking Room

    There is a smoking room and a coffee room opposite the front desk.


  • Ski locker


  • Ski school:SIA Official Japan Parallel Ski School

    Fare:Private lessons (same price for adults, children and toddlers (4 years old and over))
    1 day:25,500 yen(4 hours)
    Half day:18,500 yen(2 hours)

    ・We will dispatch one instagram to your family and groups.
    ・The above rates apply for 1 to 4 people per group.
    ・For 5 or more people, the price is 3,000 yen up per person.
    ・You can use regional coupons.

    Business day

    From mid-December to the end of March

    Reception place

    In front of the 2nd floor lobby
  • Drying room


  • vending machine


    1st and 2nd floor
  • Library

    Located in a corner of the lobby.Shiga Highlands, books on animals and plants, music-related books, and beautiful photo books are lined up.
    Please spend a relaxing time while reading.

List of other facilities

Outline of facility

Table tennis/bar/Banquet Hall(For a charge)/Karaoke facility(For a charge)/BBQ(For a charge)/non-smoking room/Drying room

Service & Leisure(Including arrangements)

Rental skis and snowboards(For a charge)/Day Use(For a charge)/Worcation room(For a charge)/Table tennis/Mess tin/BBQ space/Starry sky observation space/bar/Mölkky/Mountain bike(1 hour free)/Mahjong(For a charge) / Various board games(Trump, UNO, Reversi) /Badminton/karaoke(For a charge)/darts(For a charge)/Billiards(For a charge)/Jam making experience(For a charge)/Various nature crafts(For a charge)

●Various leisure arrangements
Mountain cycling tour/SUP & canyoning experience/Okushiga Kogen Golf Course/Fruit hunting experience/ Trekking / Climbing Guide/

the Internet

Free Wi-Fi throughout